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Want to feel happier or more confident? Need to update your skills after being at home with children? Like to make a big difference in your local area? Volunteering at CLASP does all that and more.

CLASP volunteers change the lives of lone parent families in Crewe & Nantwich through listening, play, counselling, admin, support and more. About 87% of our volunteers go on to related jobs or study, while others have happily been volunteering with us for years.

We would really appreciate your help on projects involving family groups, children, young people, and adults. If that sounds like you’d enjoy it, keep reading to discover more, including how to apply (it’s simple and friendly).


5 ways you’ll benefit from volunteering at CLASP:

  • feel good about yourself through making a real difference to local families
  • update a range of skills if you’ve been out of the workforce a while
  • a reference after four months of regular volunteering
  • training
  • joining a friendly, supportive team – with contacts in local charities and other employers

    Are you a lone parent who wants to volunteer, but worry it won’t fit with your family’s needs? Here’s your 3 easy steps:

    1. There are hundreds of things you can do: befriending older folks, animal care, helping children with disabilities go bowling, gardening, mentoring, coffee shop helper, driving, fundraising, admin, volunteering for us, and much, much more! Many organisations will be happy to fit with school times or whatever works for you.
    2. Please call 07548 897 076 or email sue@southcheshireclasp.org.uk 
    3. We’ll have a chat about what you want from volunteering and how CLASP can help find you volunteering that fits with you and your family

    2 ways you can change people’s lives by volunteering at CLASP:

  1. Welcome people into our community centre – 3 hours a week, central Crewe
  2. Qualified counsellor with children, with own transport – various days & times, Crewe/Nantwich/surrounds

3 ways we make it easier for you to volunteer at CLASP:

  • We refund local travel expenses, and most volunteering is accessible by public transport.
  • Our Crewe premises are wheelchair-accessible.
  • Volunteering on Tuesday or Thursday mornings usually means that your under-5 children can be cared for in our crèche at no charge.


Your 3 easy steps

  1. Please call 07548 897 076 or email sue@southcheshireclasp.org.uk  and we’ll have a friendly chat about what you want to get from volunteering, and what CLASP can offer you
  2. You’ll meet staff and volunteers on the project you like the sound of
  3. We’ll arrange a time for you to try-out the volunteering you’re interested in, so you can check it’s right for you

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